Whether you already own a home, want to buy a new home, or are just considering homeownership, knowing your "WHY" should be your first step! Out of the following options, what is your #1 reason for wanting to buy a house? 1) Your dream is to own a home 2) Youโ€™re tired of paying rent 3) You need more space 4) You want a place to raise a family 5) Youโ€™re getting married 6) You want to be in a specific school district 7) You just want an investment property 8) Youโ€™re planning on retiring 9) You want a second home to rent out for extra income 10) You really want your own space to decorate exactly how you want with all the latest trends. The reason this is so important is because it will help guide the decisions you make throughout the house hunting process. It's tied to important factors such as "how long you'll live in the house", "how important location is", "what to look for in a neighborhood", and what you can expect as far as resale. This is one of the first questions we ask our buyers when we meet so that we can help them map out a plan for achieving their real estate goals.
Wanting to buy an investment property vs buying a house because you're starting a family could equate to very different priorities.
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