Home Selling Quick Tips: Lighting 💡

Sometimes it’s the smallest of changes that have the biggest impact!
The average buyer will pay extra money to buy a home that is move in ready! Having different or outdated light fixtures from room to room will make your buyer believe that your home does not have a cohesive flow from one room to another. It will also make your home appear that it has not been well maintained or updated.
Updating your lighting will give you a high ROI (return on your investment).
Here are some tips on updating your light fixtures;
1. Replace switches and plugs with new clean, updated ones.
2. Replace light fixtures making them cohesive from room to room.
3. Light fixtures should reflect the character and style of your home.
4. Light fixtures need to be the right scale for the room they are in.
5. Always make sure that your light fixture reflect as much light as possible.
6. Check the colour temperature of your lightbulbs. Most home staging experts recommend using warmer shades of white.
7. Go on a lighting audit to make sure all of the bulbs in the house are installed (no missing bulbs), working and that the bulbs match in each individual light fixture.
We recommend visiting a big-box home improvement retailer or checking online (Amazon has great deals) for inexpensive, but stylish, light fixtures.
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