Grab a cup of coffee - Let’s chat about making a room look bigger!

It’s no secret that we all probably have spaces in our home that we wish were bigger or don’t love. *BUT* believe it or not, you can make a space look & feel bigger with these 5 tricks.

▫️ Declutter - This may sound obvious but this is the first step in clearing up space. Go room to room and put items away, organize random papers or donate/store items that don’t have a home. Clearing up the clutter is the easiest way to make your space feel bigger!

▫️ Hang curtains above the window frame - It’s best to hang your curtains several inches above the window frame because the extra heigh can visually stretch your windows making the ceiling seem higher than it actually is.

▫️ Choose furniture with legs - Choosing furniture with legs allows your eyes to move through them and make a room feel more spacious.

▫️ Mirrors are important - Mirrors reflect light around and create depth. They are the perfect way to visually double the size of your space.

▫️ Keep paint colours light - Choosing light and airy colours for your room encourages a feeling of openness.

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