✨ 3 Steps in the Home Selling Process ✨

Let's walk through the 3 major steps in the Home Selling process so you can ace your next listing! ⬇️

▫️ Make a plan with your agent. Step number one involves SO MANY important decisions, it’s best to have your agent by your side from the beginning. Your agent will help you make a personalized plan for you and your home. Do you need to sell before you buy? What is your projected market value? What do you need to get out of your home in order to buy what you want?

▫️ It’s time to prepare to sell. Remember the 3 D’s: declutter, depersonalize, and deep clean. We declutter before listing because it makes our home appear bigger and more homey. We depersonalize because we don’t want future buyers to be distracted; we want them to picture themselves living there. And we deep clean because a clean home is a well taken care of home and buyers want to know your home has been loved and cared for.

▫️ Execute your marketing plan. This typically starts with professional pictures (because photos with glimpses of agents snapping pics of the bathroom with their cell phone doesn’t scream “top dollar”). Then we blast your listing to the masses through the MLS, social media, and other unique techniques so that you can be sure you get the most eyes on your listing.


Once your marketing plan is in action, it hopefully won’t be long until we get . We negotiate so much more than price, so trust your agent as they walk through and address all the terms for you. Then we celebrate on closing day because you did it! 🎉


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