👻How To Banish The Home Buying Scaries 👻

The Home Buying Scaries are nothing to fear when your favourite local mother/daughter team is here! 👻

We’re about to drop some knowledge that’s going to help you through this *spooky* season of real estate!
Here are our top three tips to make home buying less scary:

👻 Banish the ghosts of pre-approval!
This tends to be one of the scariest parts for buyers but it shouldn’t be! When you work with a great local lender who can walk you through everything you need to know, you’ll feel 10X more confident, we promise!

Get all your pre-approval pumpkins in a row before you start the official house hunt. We have a list of fantastic local lenders who can make this step easy for you!

👻 Don’t look for *PERFECT*…look for perfect *FOR YOU*
It’s possible you won’t find a house that checks
*EVERY* box. Before you even start looking at houses, sit down and write a list of the non-negotiables: Things you 100% want in your next home.

Maybe it has to be in a certain neighbourhood or a 15-minute drive to work, or maybe the flow of the layout is really important to you.
Whatever your must-haves are, know them ahead of time. Same with the deal breakers. This will help you check the highest priority boxes and know what you are willing to accept or change later.

👻 Know the market you’re buying in (your agent will educate you)!

It’s important to know what’s happening in the market before you find the house you love. Is it still a seller’s market? How quickly are homes selling? How competitive is it for buyers? How should you set your home search budget based on those factors?

The right time to buy is when it’s the right time for YOU.
When you can figure out your finances, home must haves and market knowledge ahead of time, it will remove all the home buying scaries!

If you’re still feeling spooked, send us a message and we can meet for coffee (our treat!) to go over things!

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