🍾 Hostess Tips & Tricks for Summer 🍾

Make your party one in a melon (🍉) with these summer hostess tips and tricks:

▫️ Don't forget a summer playlist - Good music always sets the vibe for a party! Try Spotify’s Feel Good Summer or Summer Hit’s of the 90’s playlist

▫️ Ice cold drinks in a galvanized bucket or cooler - Make sure to always grab an extra bag or two of ice to have on hand (There’s nothing worse than running out of ice at a party!)

▫️ Bonfire pit (if permitted) + all the fixings - Your bonfire doesn’t need to be anything crazy - it could be nothing more than a few logs on some gravel...the point is to have a place where people can pull up their chairs, talk & enjoy a classic summer s’more

▫️ String party lights all around - There’s something so cozy about a backyard with string lights. The classic warm bulbs will do the trick. It doesn’t have to be much - in my backyard we have one strand going from our garage to a big tree and it’s perfect!

▫️ Outdoor patio heaters - If you anticipate it cooling off quite a bit in the evening, purchase an outdoor patio heater or two to set outside. These give off a lot of heat while not having to worry about kids tripping near an open flame.

▫️ If you have a pool, throw in some festive floaties. If it's too cool to swim (or just not an actual pool party), you can always put some floating candles on the water too for a warm, romantic vibe.

▫️ Nostalgia is key. Even if you're hosting a group of adults, don't underestimate the power of an ice cold popsicle or a pack of sparklers or firecrackers. These fun touches can bring back memories and strike up great conversations (and laughs!) throughout the night.

& be sure to have fun!


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